The Philadelphia News is the official, copyrighted newspaper of the Philadelphia Church of God, written by leading ministers and approved by Mr. Gerald Flurry. Between 1999 and 2003, 852 Indians were invited into God’s church, and “17 ministers” were given ordination certificates. What happened to them?  Why are there no follow-up articles on such a major event in the history of the Church of God? What no one knows is they were found to be unbaptized and uncalled, without the Holy Spirit of God. Yet, there was no retraction in this newspaper and no repentance by its leaders and lay members! Read the proof why God considers this an act of covenant breaking, how PCG headquarters continues to cover up this sin, and how you personally are held accountable… and the punishments that will result. Could the  leaders cover up their sins and spiritually murder those who oppose them and hide this sin from God? Hidden secrets will be revealed in the judgment.!


 1Ti 5:19 against an elder receive not an accusation, but before two or three witnesses.


1Ti 5:20 them that sin rebuke before all, that others also may fear. 






How the Covenant of God was Broken

in “South East” Asia

                                                                                                                              4th Feb 2006          


Since some of the brethren wrote to us asking us  to make clear few facts, we have written this article so that you can clearly understand and prove, from the ‘Philadelphia News’ articles and the Bible, that God has condemned this act of harlotry of his bride, so that everyone could repent. If the prophet and the leadership want to hide this sin, the Day of the Lord will make them repent! As witnesses, we hereby inform you. Repent and obey God!!!



At the meeting between Mr. Flurry and Mr. Newton (Wickramasinghe, Minister in Sri Lanka), Mr. Flurry had said that he hired only one local church elder in India and then dismissed the subject. (Read: Newton Wicks’ Report on HQ Trip). “Philadelphia News” articles will prove that there were “more than just oneminister. Mr. Winters witnessed the meeting.  Mr Locher would tell the truth about the satellite transmission, whether it was downloaded ever, in India. Here are Mr. Locher’s and Mr. Winter’s email addresses: [email protected],   [email protected] .


 Jan/Feb PN 2000... pg 8

1.  Right under the article “should the unbaptized take the Passover”… In the EAST, PCG have broken that commandment of GOD and caused the unbaptized 430 people to take Passover with PCG. God’s children were forced to keep Passover with these people.


2   Column 4... It has been confirmed that we have “17” (seventeen,not one) LOCAL ELDERS.

...... in last week of December.... (if they were confirmed to be a part  of PCG in December 1999,  how could they have kept the feast, (not to mention down-linked the transmissions) in OCTOBER the same year? (Read: Questions Answered). Only in December they were confirmed to be members. Feast was three months before they were accepted? This further shows that in  Phil News Nov /Dec 1999, to keep the feast was not possible cause this crowd was accepted in that year December.  See how condemning the above article which says “not to keep the Passover with strangers”? It says all the Phil. Ministers will uphold the Phil. Standard in keeping the Passover. But did all the ministers heed


 (COLUMN 5)... “I repeat….All of the PCG ministers will be upholding God’s requirements related to the Passover. Our “many Brethren scattered” around the world must also be sure that NON baptized people DO NOT TAKE THE PASSOVER. EVEN THOUGH THE MINISTRY FAILED, WE, STILL UPHOLD THAT COVENANT EXPLAINED IN THIS ARTICLE. THIS IS WHY GOD IS ACCEPTING OUR WORK IN HIS “ALTAR” (ISAIAH 56:3 – 8, Mal 1:11). THIS IS WHY GOD RAISED US TO DESTROY THE LEWDNESS OF THE PCG.


3... Column 4... “YOUR PRAYERS” (THIS IS NO ONE’S BUT CHRIST’S OWN = BRIDE’S PRAYERS) ARE REQUESTED FOR THESE...... EZ 23: 40 42. As we saw earlier, this is sending incense with Sheba (Jer 6:20) in the East gate which caused God to leave the sanctuary (Read: India’s Identity). If the  People from Sheba prays to God, He would hear as He hears from any other people. But this happened in ‘His temple’. He hears the prayers coming from the temple. The whole world, all the worldly Christians pray to God. Why only Sheba is mentioned and singled out here, if not these prayers came from His own temple?  Ez 8:11... 70 Elders, between 2000 and 2003, there were about 70 ministers in PCG, except these Indian ministers. . In 2003, ministerial conference, a list was given of all the attending ministers. There were exactly ‘70’ elders. All of them would have prayed for these people. This caused God to leave the sanctuary. Read Ez 10: 18 - 19 and 12:22- 23. When Ezekiel was asked to measure the temple or in Ez 23: 36, God commanded Ezekiel to judge the two sisters who went to the same crowd of "Sabeans" in Ez 23: 41 - 42. (Remember UCG and PCG are the two sisters who went to this crowd. UCG news letter in 1998 May has a report of their visit with this crowd. PCG's PHIL NEWS, many articles as we can see proves her dealings with this crowd.) These sins can be removed only by admitting and calling a fast and really repent before God. Ez 23: 36, because Ezekiel did not judge them, God raised an assembly (V 45 - 49) to destroy this sin. Ez 24: 21 says God will profane the sanctuary at the time of the death, which caused the captivity. This is why Mr. F said now Israel is in captivity.


These Phil. News articles prove that there were more than “one” minister in India, whom PCG invited, who are unbaptized strangers which God has condemned. This broke the covenant of God. (Read Plain Truth About 800). Could Christ marry an adulteress like this? Christ wants a pure virgin. The day of the Lord is near and hastens quickly……. Repent… Mr. Flurry, you said there was only one minister you hired. Phil News says “17” ministers. The photos would show how they were handed the ordination certificates.  By denying all the recorded sins, you caused God to leave the church.


PN July? Aug 2000... Pg 8, (This report was written by Mr. Newton, as he was instructed by Mr. Harrison. At this time, we did not know that they were not even baptized. Even though we knew in the beginning that his crowd should not be a part of God’s TRUE church, only in the year 2001, we were able to prove with evidence, that they were never even baptized. Since then, we are still fighting to get the prophet’s attention. Mr. Harrison made certain that no other minister or member will be in touch with the people in this area. Few who wanted to come to Sri Lanka were discouraged. )


1. Local elder (LCE) Sumanth Kumar........ This proves he is a LCE; therefore, he is IN the ALATR. Since this person is not even baptized, is it right to have invited an unbaptized person to the ‘Altar’?

1        We have his resume which he gave to PCG. In that he says, a WCG memberORDAINED” him to the MINISTRY. . How could a member ordain another person in to the ministry? A LIE!!!

2        At the time he was supposedly  ordained; he was only 17 years old. A LIE!!! (WCG seldom baptized 17 year olds. HWA said a person should be at least 20 years old to be baptized.  His resume and the copy of his birth are available upon request.)His actual birth year is 1972 and in his resume, he says he was ordained in 1989. A 5 year old would figure out how old he would have been in 1989.  17 Years old. (One of our members is planning to go to the feast in Philippines, and those who attend the Philippines feast could meet him and ask the truth.) 




Eze 44:7 in that ye have brought into my sanctuary strangers, uncircumcised in heart, and uncircumcised in flesh, to be in my sanctuary, to

pollute it, even my house, when ye offer my bread, the fat and the blood, and they have broken my covenant because of all your Abominations. Do you understand that this act of inviting strangers break GOD’S COVENANT? This chapter is when the new temple is being built. Until such time, Israel have brought strangers.


Eze 44:9 Thus saith the Lord GOD; No stranger, uncircumcised in heart, nor uncircumcised in flesh, shall enter into my sanctuary, of any stranger that is among the children of Israel.


What did Mr. Flurry say about inviting strangers: Ezekiel? (pg 77) “Laodiceans today invite the world in to their church and committed Adultery. They have forgotten that they are Christ's wife...."Adulterous" sins are so small matter. (Pg 79) HE MUST SEND HIS NEW COVENANT WIFE IN TO CAPTIVITY AS WELL!!! (Mr. F announced after his wife's death that Israel is now in captivity. In reality, the new covenant wife is who is  now in captivity. He said this in 2004 FOT. So far, the physical Israel have not gone in to captivity. Being a physical and spiritual Israel, GF could not have known the captivity. Because God says only the gentiles will know it.


Ez 39: 21 -23) GOD has warned through you. You failed to heed to your own prophecies. God was warning the PCG, when it was happening. WE ARE WITNESSES. God raised the assembly to witness before He pours upon His wrath. Deut 17:6 - At the mouth of two, or three witnesses, shall he that is worthy of death be put to death! GOD PLEADS FOR YOU TO REPENT. REPENT!!!


2.  Breakfast at Kumar’s house.  What does GOD say about this meeting? See photos

Jer 5:7 How shall I pardon thee for this? Thy children have forsaken

Me, and sworn by them that are no gods: when I had fed them to the full,

they then committed adultery, and assembled themselves by troops in the harlots’ houses. Ez 16: 15 – 63. In Bamah, Mr Harrison and some  of God’s children in India, kept Sabbath and feasts of God together in the leader’s house.


What did Mr. F say about this: Jeremiah booklet (pg. 37) "Only CHRIST'S WIFE the church can commit adultery today against her husband, JESUS CHRIST!!!? They have left the loving God and have gone to "Harlot's houses". What an indescribable, shameful disgrace! They don’t honor their Father. Christ's own wife turns to Satan rather than submitting to God's government!!! Yes, Mr. Flurry, Please heed now, or it will be a "SHAMEFUL DISGRACE!!!


  1. Historic conference....(third column).Eze 23:41 And sat upon a stately bed, and a table prepared before it, whereupon thou hast set Mine “incense” and mine oil.  PCG had three minister’s conferences with this crowd. . We have photos to prove with the dates on the photos. Is this a historic conference? God condemns setting up a table before these people and sharing God’s incense (prayers) and Oil (Spirit).

What does God say about this?

1        Jer 6:20 to what purpose cometh there to me incense from Sheba, and the sweet cane from a far country? Your burnt offerings are not acceptable, nor your sacrifices sweet unto me….What does it mean by “Your offerings and your sacrifices?  God’s church has been sacrificing and giving offerings defiled with the people from Sheba.

2        Eze 8:11 And seventy men of the elders of the house of Israel, and each man with his censor in his hand. And the odor of the cloud of incense was rising.


What did Mr. F say about this?

Jeremiah booklet (pg 53) “When Jeremiah talks about burnt offerings and sacrifices, it is a coded message. These offerings were made in the temple. The temple is GOD'S CHURCH TODAY. So these words are also a warning to God's own rebellious church today”.!!! Mr. Flurry, has any other church conducted a conference with Sheba? UCG invited the same crowd for few months. But, PCG, had an office, with three directors, and 17 local elders in the ALTAR and 430 UNBAPTIZED members in the temple. You apply these condemning prophecies to others whereas, you only have done it. You are the 'REBELLIOUS  church!!!


Pg 53 continues... "The Laodiceans" are sent "STRONG DELUSIONS" .... (please read the whole page)... But Jeremiah tells us that GOD will REJECT THEM WITH WRATH! If these things are done in other churches and it is abominable to God to pour God's WRATH, should not the same fate awaits PCG too? How can you accuse others of not honoring God the Father whereas you are the one who has done these things? God calls you a "HYPOCITE". !!! You accuse others of dishonoring the Father and you do the same.


4.   God’s government was clearly established (third column)

Is it God’s government?  Was GOD leading Mr. Harrison when this government was established? Did God call these people? Did God tell Mr Harrison to bring these people in to His temple and worse than that to the most Holy place, the Sanctuary? Whose government was this? God’s word condemns inviting strangers in to His temple. Was GOD present in this so called conference? God condemns going to BamahEz 20: 29. He rejects incense from Sheba. Jer 6:20


5    Physical gentiles becoming Spiritual Jews (third column)

UNCIRCUMSIZED heathen, becoming ‘SPIRITUAL JEWS”? This shows that PCG allowed these strangers to the ALTAR and to the church. We have over 150 pages to prove  that this is wrong. Ez 44: 7 - 9, Isa 52: 1. It is GOD who calls members to the church. Not even Christ calls. John 6:44. Mr. Harrison not only invited strangers, when we stood up, one by one, he cast us out as it happened anciently with Diotrephus. Who is right in God’s eyes? The evangelist who invited such or the members who remembered the covenant and stood up for God? Diotrephus would have invited strange people to the church when he cast out the true people of God. God says they are TRUE followers. Therefore, it has to happen in the TRUE church. It could not have happened in any other church but the true church. How corrupt should the government of God be to murder God’s true followers?


6 The SABBATH was encouraging...? (We have so many scriptures to prove that this is wrong. But here is one). Eze 23:38 Moreover this they have done unto me: they have defiled my sanctuary in the same day, and have profaned my Sabbaths. (This conference is for 17 local elders. These were given the same “Ordination certificates” as other Local Elders in PCG. After handing out the certificates, these ministers were asked to ask questions. The first question one of them asked was “HOW TO KEEP SABBATH”? ) A B O M I N A T I O N S !!!!  COVENANT WAS BROKEN!!! This proves we had Sabbaths with them and God Has prophesied that PCG would do that. All these are recorded in Phil News, which no one can now erase.


7        RD discussing “ministerial” responsibilities...? (This further proves that PCG had invited more than one minister in this area and therefore ALSO SEE BELOW IT SAYS 17 MINISTERS), Mr. Flurry’s statement of having only one minister is a BIG LIE. No one can cover up what is written. Mr. Winters would remember Mr. Flurry’s statement of saying PCG had only one minister in India. A little leaven could cause the whole lump to be puffed up. One person could make the whole body to be corrupt.


Eze 8:16 And he brought me into the inner court of the LORD’S house, and, behold, at the door of the temple of the LORD, between the porch and the altar, (Co incidentally, Joel 2: 17, the day of The Lord is for the ministers who are in the porch and the Altar. Only in these two places the porch and altar is mentioned.  ) were about five and twenty “men with their backs toward the temple of the LORD, and their faces toward the east; and they worshipped the sun toward the east. Ps 79:1, Lam 1:10,


Ps 79:1  O God, the “Heathen” have come into Your inheritance; they have defiled Your holy temple; they have laid Jerusalem in heaps.


Lam 1:10 the enemy has spread out his hand upon all her desirable things; for she has seen the “Heathen “enter her holy place, whom You commanded that they should not enter into Your congregation. Lamentations is the punishment of Zion who is God’s church who has allowed the heathen to enter the holy place. This happened in PCG.


PN 2000  Nov/ Dec, Pg 8, 5th column (What is wrong in this article?)  There was no feast (NO FEAST, NO, NO, NO FEAST) site in Bhimawaram in any year to this day. This whole report is a lie. This is the true church, true people of God, where the truth should be. But so many lies…Lying wonders!!!


1.  Bhimawaram where the church office. (Remember what Bhima or Bamah means? Ez 20:29? Both in Hebrew and in Hindu, this means ‘The High Place”.  Waram means blessings.  The whole church was made to believe a lie. No one suspected. Many ministers have asked from our minister, at the conference, what happened to the crowd in India? How can we invite such a large crowd at once?  Coming from the head of the government of the church, these lies are to deceive the people of God. We don’t have to tell you how wrong this is?


Any baptized member could understand that this is wrong. PCG had a church office in “BamahEz 20:29… There were three directors, and no one is baptized. We have letters from the lawyers to prove this fact, and all the members In India and Sri Lanka.


2. Sons of Zadok?  Kumar translated the message....? There was NO FEAST in Bhimawaram. Feast was never kept in that area.  Therefore, the whole report is false. See how false details were given to cover up the sudden disappearance of this crowd? Do these people know the meaning of being sons of Zadok?


PN Nov/ Dec 1999 pg 7, column 1

As we said earlier, there was no feast kept in Bhimawaram in any year. This crowd was confirmed to be a part of PCG in December 1999.  (See 2000 Jan PN) The real feast site was in Sri Lanka where the few English-speaking members from India also came. But in this article, the real feast site was not even mentioned.  The satellite transmission was downloaded? Please ask Mr. A Locher, whether this was ever done in India or Sri Lanka? To this day, the satellite transmission was never down linked to either country. Mr. Locher could witness to this. 842 attending......? When there was no feast? We repent sincerely for not reporting this to you earlier while it was happening.


Sept Oct 2001 PN, pg 8 - 9, List of the ministers. (THIS IS THE MINISTERIAL LIST AND THIS IS THE ALTAR). Mr. Flurry, this article proves that there has been more than one minister in India. Mr. Winters is a witness to prove you said this. In your sermon “listening to the dragon”, you said “IF YOU LIE, YOU KNOW WHO YOUR FATHER IS”.  I THINK YOU MEANT SATAN THE DRAGON. Were you talking about yourself ?


Even though Mr. Harrison was supposed to be in Europe when this was published, He moved to England in November that year. At this time, he was still in Australia, being the RD for this area. Except for the European ministers (and Santha Raja babu, and Param Jyothi Potla, who were not ministers at that time because they had gone to Middle East to work), there are exactly 25 elders listed. Eze 11:1 Moreover the spirit lifted me up, and brought me unto the east gate of the LORD’S house, which looketh eastward: and behold at the door of the gate five and twenty men; (God calls them men, not even ministers) among whom I saw Jaazaniah the son of Azur, and Pelatiah the son of Benaiah, princes of the people. See how accurate are God’s words?... He calls these people  “MEN”, not even ministers. 25 men, and in the EAST.  And two princes of the people... two Regional Directors: Mr. Harrison and Mr. Williams. (Read: Christ’s Wife Betrayed by an Evangelist).


Mr. Flurry fulfilled the Ezekiel role and he warned the whole world. God gave him the copyright to all of HWA’s work so he can prophesy again. But as any leader would be tested, God showed him his fault of allowing unbaptized strangers to come in to the Altar and the temple. If the whole church including The Altar sinned, as a whole church should repent of that sin. By trying to hide this from all the members and casting out the people whom God is using to bring it to light, this adulterous sin would not be blotted out. Once defiled as a whole body, the whole church needs to repent. For example, if your whole body gets dust all over, just because you cover it with clothes, will not make you clean. Or if you bash the person who showed your dirt will not make you clean either.  Your whole body needs to be washed.




Mr. Flurry said in 2004, after his wife’s death, that now Israel is in captivity.  But God says… The gentiles shall know that Israel is in captivity (Ez 39: 21 – 2), because Israel has broken the covenant by inviting strangers. (Read: Times of the Gentiles). Physical Israel did not enter in to a covenant with God. Therefore they could not break God’s covenant. Neither can other churches.  Ez 44: 7 - 9. God has shown it to the gentiles. Not to Israel. Believe God. Mr. Flurry says the physical Israel is in captivity. If they are in captivity, then the gentiles should be treading them. But, here we are treading the Spiritual Israel, because the judgment begins at God’s sanctuary (Eze 9. 6).  Physical captivity will be later.



ANTIOCHUS DAMAGED THE COVENANT BY HIS FLATTERIES IN THE VERY END, IN “SOUTH EAST”, WHICH HE GREW EXCEEDINGLY GREAT.... DAN 8:9 (SINCE ANTIOCHUS’ WORK SHOULD HAPPEN IN THE VERY END, IT SHOULD HAPPEN IN THE TRUE CHURCH WHICH CONTINUED THE COVENANT TILL THE VERY END. WCG OR ANY OTHER CHURCH DID NOT CONTINUE THE COVENANT TO THE VERY END. ) You should have the covenant to break it. Ezekiel booklet proves that PCG is the wife and the mother. Ez 16: 52 - 63 proves all (ALL) churches of God will go in to captivity. Only the gentiles will know why they have gone to captivity.  GOD WILL KNOCK FROM OUTSIDE!!! REV 11:2..... IS BEING FULFILLED SPIRITUALLY!!  PROVE FROM THE Phil news articles, THE TRUTH.

If the ministers want to keep quiet, thinking, ‘it is none of our business to correct the prophet’, then read Isaiah 56:10 to see what the Almighty God says.  Everyone must judge by the "Spiritual fruits".


1Ti 5:19 against an elder receive not an accusation, but before two or three witnesses.


1Ti 5:20 them that sin rebuke before all, that others also may fear.  This was said to young Timothy, whose father was a gentile.


Hereby we are witnesses to this treachery against God.  He has raised us to rebuke before all, your sins which you committed against God, so that others also may fear.

Heed the word of God before it is too late….. Remember your own words which you uttered against WCG and other churches? Ez 16: 52 - You who judged other sisters….. Bear your own shame also. If it is wrong for other churches to do these abominable sins, is it permissible for PCG?


All the brethren in India and Sri Lanka are now scattered. If there is anyone in PCG who thinks that he or she is led by God, please tell us whether we are wrong. We accept Mr. Flurry to be a prophet. But we will not break God’s commandments and certainly not God’s covenant. God says no man. Ez 22: 30, Is 50:2, Jer 5:1. Is 59: 16.


When the new temple being built, in Ez 44: 7---- God says, you ‘brought’  in strangers… until such time, Israel have brought strangers to the temple and defiled it. It all happened innocently, unknowingly. But when God brought that sin or revealed the nakedness, then PCG should have corrected herself. Instead of repenting and correcting the church, and cleaning from all adultery, she murdered all those who came and informed him. These people who witnessed this sin, were raised up by God. Even in Lam. 1:10, which is the punishment or the tribulation of Zion, she has brought in strangers and that is one of the reasons, why God is punishing them. The gentiles shall see God’s judgments….Ez 39: 21-23…. At that time, God’s glory is on the gentiles. Which means, God is working through the gentiles in judgment.



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