But you have forgotten that I AM your FATHER! I have raised up the foolish nation as I said and I adopted them and revealed Myself to them! 

(Deut.  32:43, Eph. 1:3-6, 2:12-22, Zeph. 3:9-10, 1  Pet. 2:9-10, Isa. 63:16, Col.1:27 . Those who are in ‘ME’, are the NEW Israel OF GOD”. Gal. 6:16-16). 

Why the Covenant; a ‘MARRIAGE” Covenant.? The Husband uncovers the sin of the wife before GRANTING white linen !

Remember GOD is a SPIRIT. Unless the wife also be borne by the SPIRIT, and compatible, made in the image of GOD, there can’t be a marriage. IT MUST BE A SACRED, HOLY UNION BETWEEN SAME (SPIRIT) KIND OF A MALE AND A FEMALE. ‘MARRIAGE’ means ONLY TWO PEOPLE’S Covenant and commitment. Disobedience to GOD’s words made man flesh and blood which cannot know the mystery of The SON. So GOD did not give His SPIRIT for the man to become SPIRIT or compatible and he lost the image of GOD. The NEW Covenant will BE MADE BETWEEN GOD WHO IS THE SPIRIT AND the woman taken out of MAN (Jesus) WHO WILL BE BORN AS SPIRIT, by The Husband’s WORDS. Laodicea era is Spiritually dead means she does not have the SPIRIT or the white linen and failed to be born of GOD and His SPIRIT. Then how can she enter in to a Covenant, with GOD who is a SPIRIT? Her nakedness must be covered first by Granting white linen. That means raising her up from death to the spiritual life! So the sin of the wife MUST BE REVEALED, JUDGED AND PAID FIRST, for white linen to be given! Her sin is that she did not know her LORD is ‘ONE’ and it is The Husband WHO GIVES THE SPIRITUAL CLOTHES TO HER and it is HIS WORDS which is the SPIRIT and was DISOBEDIENT to Him as she went after a newly come up GOD, calling god the father, not knowing The Husband is the FATHER! She could not fulfill the whole duty of the wife. The HOLY SPIRIT which comes from The Husband, (The ROCK) is what gives the covering. Isa. 30:1. Adam too rejected the voice or the words or The CREATOR which gives the white linen! A ‘MARRIAGE’ Covenant is ONLY BETWEEN ONE MALE AND ONE FEMALE and not with their fathers. Could Husband’s father give white linen according to Scripture? Therefore, as she went after other gods, She had to be judged and see her nakedness, without the white linen. That is why in Rev. 19, after her judgment, The LORD will grant her to wear fine linen for the marriage. The wife thinks the Catholic church is the harlot. But she never had a “Marriage” Covenant with CHRIST THE LORD. Why was this Covenant a ‘MARRIAGE’ Covenant? Also the beasts in the book of Revelation are WITHOUT UNDERSTANDING. Psa. 49:20 “man understand not, a beast”. So the wife became a beast! Could GOD who has the image of GOD in Him enter in to a Covenant with a beast? So she has to be converted once again to the image of GOD, to prepare her for the new Covenant. So The Husband uncovers the sin of the wife, so she can cover herself with white linen! The wife should know that The Husband is also her ‘FATHER’, in order to return to Him, which means ONE GOD! Jer. 3:19-20. The Husband, is the GOD who is the SPIRIT.2 Cor. 3:17, and His words are SPIRIT and life. John 6:63. Then the wife must join to The LORD to become a SPIRIT. His SPIRIT created all things. He wants all to worship Him in Spirit and Truth. He wants a wife who also is born of SPIRIT so she could live forever with Him.!

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Who are  ‘MY PEOPLE”, and “HER”? What is this WARFARE? There is a time for Jerusalem to have war, and also TO END IT. The judgments will be turned off, and the rebuke will be removed. The curses will be no more with the devil and the death. Because all things are spiritual, done by the WORD of GOD, the Spiritually BLIND church cannot see her own warfare. At the end of the Philadelphia era, the synagogue of satan started to make war with JESUS CHRIST the LORD AS THEY DENIED HIM.  That means she will DIE as denying The LORD means deny life that is in Him. GOD is trying to establish the second Covenant, which is the TRUE TABERNACLE by forgiving. Heb. 8. So there is a time to break the Covenant as well as to establish the SECOND Covenant. GOD says, He will not be angry for ever! He did not create mankind to destroy. That is why CHRIST THE LORD comes the SECOND time to REDEEM. He comes to JUDGE and ESTABLISH. THAT IS THE TIME AS Heb. 8 SAYS, THE SIN WILL BE FORGIVEN AND THE TRUE TABERNACLE WILL BE PITCHED, BY The LORD, HIMSELF. AT THAT TIME, ALL WILL KNOW HIM. Thereafter no need to teach about Him. First, He gives the truth to judge and the same truth will establish all. That truth gives light to all, to understand the INIQUITY, so we can admit, acknowledge, repent and believe Him, which makes peace between GOD and man. The day of THE LORD is to reveal the hidden counsel of the hearts, so the hearts may be purified in order, so GOD can live in our hearts. HIS SPIRIT IS GIVEN TO THE HEARTS. This is why the hearts must be purified. The day of THE LORD is to AVENGE all disobedience, but to accept all. So there was a time to make war, and then there is a time GOD will send comfort to those who are beaten. And as the first time The LORD said, He will bear you on eagle’s wings.

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Second Passover- Is for the LAODICEANS who are Spiritually dead and scattered, gone far off ! Prove all things.

The Laodicean era is Spiritually dead and in captivity. That means they are defiled by dead and gone far off. Such must take the SECOND Passover. Why could not the church fulfill the Passover yet? Why did CHRIST THE LORD say ‘I will not eat the Passover till the kingdom come? Have you entered in to the TRUE Promised land where the Promise of the FATHER and the promise of the HOLY SPIRIT Is? Israel passed over from Egypt (where many gods and idols were), to the ONE TRUE GOD, and that is The ROCK, or THE ALMIGHTY or JESUS CHRIST the LORD and to His Holy Mountain! Have you passed over to the Holy Mountain of The ROCK? Are you defiled by NOT WORSHIPING The ROCK who gave THE Passover? Have you learned the doctrines; Jewish fables and traditions of men, and the leavening of DEAD PHARISEES ? Have you exceeded the righteousness of the pharisees? What does it mean ‘DEAD’ ? There is only one way we can die. Examine yourselves and see and understand that IT IS JESUS CHRIST the LORD, The ROCK WHO BEGAT YOU, or GAVE YOU LIFE, MADE, BOUGHT, BROUGHT, PURCHASED BY HIS BLOOD, WHO ALSO WILL GIVE YOU EVERLASTING LIFE AS LIFE IS IN HIM only! If you have not believed that, YOU ARE DEAD. If the life comes from this ONE GOD, then if you seek life from any other GOD or worship another GOD, (including god the father who has not spoken in Scripture for seeking anyone’s worship), you have worshiped a NO god and not The ROCK who FATHERED YOU. The HOLY SPIRIT or the words of GOD which we are to live by, DOES NOT COME FROM god the father, BUT BY The ROCK ONLY! They are the LIVING WORDS. He IS THE FOUNTAIN OF LIVING WATERS OR LIVING WORDS. If you have not drunk from Him, you are Spiritually DEAD and the leaders who taught such also are Spiritually DEAD and YOU ARE DEFILED BY DEAD, your own and the leader’s whom you believed! To such is the second Passover. By our works of law or through any other god, such as god the father, we cannot enter in to the Spiritually FULFILLED Glorious Rest, the Holy Mountain  which The ROCK HAS PREPARED FOR US! “Speak unto the children of Israel, saying, If any man of you or of your posterity shall be unclean by reason of a dead body, or be in a journey afar off, yet he shall keep the passover unto the LORD, The fourteenth day of the second month at even”. It is not just ONE MAN, but the WHOLE LAODICEA era is UNCLEAN, as they are not in CHRIST THE LORD or The ROCK, and are DEAD! Without a doubt we must prove from the Scripture that one should Passover to The ROCK’S MOUNTAIN! That is the end of our journey in this life! No man can Passover when they wish. It is GOD who caused Israel to Passover. And it is the same GOD who gave the law of the second Passover as well, because He knew the last church will not enter in to the FIRST Passover as they are to DIE. If one is defiled by dead, (Spiritually now) and gone far off,(scattered or in captivity as Laodiceans are in Egypt Rev. 11:8)  then GOD will bring them in the second Passover! No man can Passover unless GOD brings them. !

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ARISE FROM DEAD CHRIST SHALL GIVE THEE LIGHT to PASSOVER to the Promised land to receive everlasting life !

THE purpose of our lives is TO PASSOVER TO ENTER IN TO the PROMISED LAND, WHERE THE EVERLASTING FATHER, the Promise of the FATHER Is. But that KNOWLEDGE WAS NOT given as all must die from Adam. Ancient Israel passed from the sea to enter in to the Promised land. But now, IT IS THE KNOWLEDGE OF GOD which is given as the sea, they must be baptised in. lacking the knowledge of GOD, specially about the EVERLASTING FATHER, ALL DIED Spiritually, not having the FATHER to give birth. Then, they must receive the true knowledge of God in order rise, to be born Spiritually, and enter in to the Promised land where the Promise of the FATHER is. THE GLORY OF GOD will rise on them. There are no Scripture to prove everlasting life comes from god the father! WE ARE given life BY The CREATOR, The SON, TO BE HIS  PEOPLE, AND TO MAKE HIM A NAME and TO WORSHIP HIM or to SERVE HIM! Who ever has The SON, has life. The Promised land, Sabbath (where the works of The LORD are finished), THE Glorious Rest, House of GOD, THE NEW CREATION, New Jerusalem, is where THE ALPHA and OMEGA , OR THE ALMIGHTY , the Living GOD, is where The CREATOR, HIMSELF IS, and to be WITH HIM! That is the PROMISED, new GARDEN OF Eden! GOD wants to prove, THE FAILURE OF Adam so we could have life! LIFE IS IN EVERY WORD WHICH The CREATOR SPOKE. Even though Scripture clearly says HE IS The ROCK WHO BEGAT, AND GIVES THE SPIRITUAL drink and meat to live forever, Israel never went to Him, but went to god the father. NO ONE CAN DENY their works now. If Israel failed to get life from The CREATOR, Then, THEY MUST GO TO HIM TO GET it. It is ONLY THROUGH HIM, THEY WILL RECEIVE LIFE. HE IS THE LIGHT OF LIFE, THE TRUTH AND IN HIM WE LIVE! The LORD did not kill them to die for ever, even though the condemnation is to eternal death, but HE HAS PROMISED A BETTER RESURRECTION for all humans. When their eyes are opened, they will see how The LORD came on the day of THE LORD to gentiles, and raised them up BY GIVING THE KNOWLEDGE OF HIM, according to the Scripture. Our lives are in GOD’s words and the knowledge of THE TRUE God AND EVERLASTING FATHER! Whatever Israel and all humans failed to do, now they must do in order to live.! THE ALMIGHTY HAS PROMISED TO MAKE ALL THINGS NEW! But ALL MUST ACKNOWLEDGE THEIR SINS “He looketh upon men, and if any say, I have sinned, and perverted which was right, and it profited me not; He will deliver his soul from going into the pit, and his life shall see the light.  Lo, all these things worketh God, To bring back his soul from the pit, to be enlightened with the light of the living.”! Wherefore he saith, Awake thou that sleepest, and arise from the dead, and Christ shall give thee light.!

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Israel is My son, My first-born; Now DEAD as BEASTS without understanding. (serpent pt 2).

The ONLY WAY one could die is if they are not born to the TRUE GOD, THE Everlasting FATHER. Life is in The CREATOR. He gave life to man and He alone can destroy the soul and the body. Mat. 10:28. That means LIFE IS IN HIM. By not believing and obeying Him and His words, Adam was cursed to death. That is how the death the curse the devil came. Then how could one live? BELIEVE AND OBEY The CREATOR! Tree of Life was cut off means life and the knowledge of how to receive life was cut off. That means the true knowledge of the TRUE GOD AND THE FATHER was cut off, so no one could be born. This is why The CREATOR will come again to give the knowledge of God as the sea, a second time, to give life. That is The Comforter, the HOLY SPIRIT, the Spirit and Truth, and then we can worship GOD in Spirit and Truth upon believing. HE ALONE HAS THE Living Waters. If you do not drink from Him, you are in the bottomless pit. A man, without understanding, is a beast. Beasts die. This is why the bottomless pit is opened in judgment in the book of revelation which shows how all seven eras fell from this truth, and failed to be born to The CREATOR. HE IS THE ALMIGHTY and the Living GOD. But the last two leaders DID NOT KNOW The CREATOR IS THE ALMIGHTY AND THE Living GOD. Then how could one have life? How could such teachings bring people to be born again? Because one is born again, by the Word of TRUTH, which are JESUS CHRIST the LORD’, OR THE ALMIGHTY’, OR THE Living GOD’S WORDS. jam 1: 18, 1  Pet. 1: 23. If you do not go to Him, YOU DIE. This is why Israel, the first born of The CREATOR, The ROCK, is NOW DEAD as they too as Adam, did not believe The CREATOR gives life but their own selves! This writing further proves how HWA’s MOA deceived all to believe that there are TWO GODS and as GF followed same teachings, how the death came upon all. The LORD said He will not eat Passover till the kingdom. He will not be seen in Jerusalem till HE IS BLESSED. What does Passover mean? Is it not to come out of Egypt, the polluted world with many gods, in to The ROCK, JUST ONE GOD to be HIS PEOPLE? He gives birth by His words, the SPIRIT. That means not going to Him to drink the SPIRIT, all Israel are dead. That proves they are beasts, without understanding. Psa. 49: 20. The GOD of the whole earth should be The Husband, JESUS CHRIST the LORD. Every knee will bow to Him and every tongue will confess that HE IS THE LORD! How could anyone in this world preach the true GOD, until the knowledge of God is given as the sea, in His SECOND coming? Isa. 11:9-11. Then until The Comforter, the Spirit and Truth came? John 4 says salvation is of the Jews, but these Jews must worship GOD in Spirit and Truth. But the Spirit and Truth is JESUS CHRIST the LORD comes on the day of THE LORD. That means all had false knowledge of God till then! With that knowledge of God, all will see they are beasts and are Spiritually dead. Salvation is of the Jews means the Jews who did not deny JESUS CHRIST the LORD and His word as Rev. 3: 8-13 says! “  hast kept MY WORD, and hast not denied MY NAME”. By denying and rejecting Him and His words, you are once again in Egypt Spiritually. That means DEAD! As the ancient Egypt’s first born died, now Israel, the first born of The ROCK is back in Egypt, not having Him as their GOD; DEAD! all things were CREATED BY HIM, AND FOR HIM”. Col. 1:16. THAT MEANS HE IS The CREATOR. But you may be surprised to read in MOA, HWA wrote “God, who created all things by Jesus CHRIST, In the same manner, God the Father is Creator. (Pg 34”.

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CHRIST THE LORD will bruise the head of the serpent; for the people to Passover to make Israel sons of GOD!

According to Scripture, true Passover, conversion, the eternal life, will be given after the serpent is bruised or satan is cast down. GOD removes all the curses including death and devil and night. The serpent is the devil, is a spirit bring as we all believed. GOD is not trying to convert a devil an evil spirit. He wants to chasten the SONS who have becomes sons of the devil, (John 8:44) and all the men to be converted or free from the curse of Adam. Why did CHRIST THE LORD say until the kingdom comes, He will not take Passover? How did the serpent deceive all as all went after the beast in our times? How would GOD bruise the head of the serpent? What would GOD do to the serpent the devil in order to stop it from deceiving the people? Scripture says the devil and death will be thrown in to the lake of fire. but how could a spirit and DEATH be thrown in to a fire? “And I will put enmity between thee and the woman, and between thy seed and her seed; it shall bruise thy head, and thou shalt bruise his heel.”. Who are the seed of the serpent and who are the seed of the woman? If GOD put the enmity, then HE, HIMSELF MUST REMOVE IT. All things are appointed and are written. Every one will rejoice in the end when all things are fulfilled. This is the way GOD planned to save all mankind. The sin must be revealed, and judged and forgiven and all will be made new in The CREATOR once again. In order to do that, GOD called Israel, out of Egypt the world, and offered everything to them. He even called them My first born. But they rejected Him and killed Him and never became sons of The CREATOR! They became HIS ENEMY instead of becoming sons. Does the church of GOD preach the Everlasting gospel to fear and worship The CREATOR, The Husband? (Rev. 14: 6-7). GOD prophesied in Deut. 32, that one day they will not be His children, v 5-6, and will forsake Him as the FATHER. v 15,18. And will serve other gods wood and stone etc. Then, He will hide His face and raise up a foolish nation to provoke them to jealousy. Now all these have come true in Israel. So these sons should be chastened and brought back from being the sons of the devil to convert them once again to sons of GOD! John 8;44- Rev. 21:7. For their rebellion for not worshiping Him, He said He will punish them Deut. 32:24“I will also send the teeth of beasts upon them, with the poison of serpents of the dust.”. Also Amo 9:3. That means to bite them, or to deceive them. Afterwards, in GOD’s Holy Mountain, the serpents will not deceive anyone. GOD brought Israel out of Egypt to serve Him. But they turned away from Him and went back to Egypt Spiritually. Rev. 11:8. Then once again The LORD will bring them back to serve Him. That is the true Passover where all the sons of the devil ARE TURNED TO SONS OF GOD where all will serve Him without fear eternally ! “And God shall wipe away all tears from their eyes; and there shall be no more death,.. for the former things are passed away. Behold, I make all things new., I am Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end. I will give unto him that is athirst of the fountain of the water of life freely. I will be his God, and he shall be MY SON.”. Write: for these words are true and faithful.! It is done.! As you can see.. GOD’s work in us ends in becoming a GOD for us and making us SONS to Him. This is ALPHA and OMEGA, THE ALMIGHTY, who is JESUS CHRIST the LORD ! He was Adam’s GOD and the FATHER. Luke 3 says, Adam was a son of GOD. But he lost that sonship. That was the same GOD, THE ALMIGHTY, ALPHA and OMEGA! So the Bible is all about the failure of the first son of GOD and how GOD will correct it and bring all to become SONS TO HIM! From the first garden of Eden to the second garden of Eden, all things are WRITTEN and will be fulfilled just as it is written!

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Sons of Abraham; Vessels of wrath (fitted to destruction) and vessels of mercy to be forgiven!

Before GOD accept all the people, He must judge and take vengeance by revealing their sin against Him. What is GOD’s purpose of calling two races from Abraham? How would names of people and places such as ‘Abram’ to Abraham, and JACOB to Israel ‘Horeb, Zion, Sinai, Canaan” etc be fulfilled? GOD called these two sons to show His wrath and mercy, because of Adam’s sin. Why are Israel called ‘LOST’? THERE IS NO OTHER WAY TO RECEIVE everlasting life, other than by GOD’S MERCY as all are to die. Adam’s sin caused the man to be cursed to die once, walk contrary to GOD, and caused us to lose the image of GOD, and to a carnal nature of the image of the beast . In order to give the image of GOD back, the sin must be JUDGED, AVENGED and WRATH must be poured and then mercy will give life. The LORD’s death and blood already have paid for man’s penalty. But the sin must be revealed, AFTER THE JUDGMENT. THAT MEANS GOD MUST CALL TWO RACES one to wrath and other to MERCY. Therefore, GOD called Israel and gave the law to condemn them to death WITHOUT MERCY as the vessels of wrath. Then the SECOND time when The LORD comes to redeem all, He pours His mercy on the vessels of mercy, the gentiles whom He prepared before. All things are preplanned by GOD and written in the Scripture, from the beginning of the garden of Eden to the NEW garden of Eden. GOD was there, and Adam was a ‘son’ to Him. Then, Adam could not be born as a SPIRITUAL son to Him to LIVE ETERNALLY as he was cursed to death. Now, The LORD, THE ALMIGHTY, ALPHA and OMEGA wants all sons back as Rev.21;7 says, HE WILL BE OUR GOD, our ‘FATHER’, AND WE WILL BE HIS SONS. That is ‘CHRIST THE LORD’s sons. HE GIVES US THE EVERLASTING LIFE. So He IS TO BE OUR Everlasting FATHER. Isa. 9:6, 63:16.So Israel, are The CREATOR’s first born. Ex 4:22-23. But they are to fail to be His sons. Deut. 32:5-6 and more. Then, He adopts gentiles as children to Him. Eph. 1:5-13. AND ALL THE WORKS OF The LORD ARE PREDESTINATED. GOD does not give rewards, but gifts. It is not our works, but The LORD’s calling we must fulfill. Israel are APPOINTED TO STUMBLE ON HIM, Isa. 8:14, reject HIM as the FATHER, Mal. 1:6, as the Chief Corner Stone and even stumble at the WORD of GOD 1pet 2:5-8 and are APPOINTED to be sons of disobedience. But, AFTER THE TWO RACES FULFILLS ALL THINGS, AND JUDGMENTS, The LORD, Himself will offer His own blood to forgive all and will pour His mercy and SPIRIT on all flesh at the White Throne, when ONLY THE DEAD are called. the lake of fire is the WORD of GOD, the OPENED BOOKS. GOD will not destroy anyone in a fire. It comes on those who DID NOT KNOW HIM and have HIS WRATH, making His name known, (Isa.64:2, 2The 1:8,lam 2:3), who are the leaders in Zion, His own church. Therefore, from the beginning of the garden of  Eden, to the NEW garden of Eden, where GOD will be once again, are written in the Scripture. And the two races are called, one to wrath fitted to destruction, and the other to have mercy and then ALL WILL HAVE MERCY and life will be given to all. ALL THINGS ARE PREPLANNED BY The CREATOR, AND ARE WRITTEN TO BE FULFILLED AND THE Scripture CANNOT BE BROKEN! GOD will prove that man is a beast (without understanding Psa. 49:20) and how He will transform us in to HIS OWN IMAGE once again. HE HAS WRITTEN THE END, FROM THE BEGINNING! We are fulfilling His word. Therefore, understand all offices are predestinated and NOT BY OUR WORKS, but by HIS MERCY! The SOWERS are Israel. But REAPERS are gentiles. But all will rejoice together, looking back how GOD included all in HIS PLAN! HE IS THE GOD OF ALL!

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Thou shall NOT set up a STONE IMAGE, a MEMORIAL stone, a carcass of idols in My land!

Gerald Flurry is directly violating GOD’s laws. It is not a strange thing that the priesthood, and Judah are corrupt, because GOD Has prophesied Judah will have other gods (as proven below) and none in the Levitical ministry will be made perfect, (Heb 7) and that TRUE Tabernacle will be built BY HIMSELF, Heb. 8 and the present Tabernacle is to VANISH away. What the high priest has done is a direct violation of GOD’s law given in lev 26:1-2, 30. If we believe His words, WE MUST NOT LOOK FOR A PERFECT PRIESTHOOD. No man can build a Tabernacle for GODHigh priest’s idolatry is fulfilling the word of GODNot even one stone shall be left upon another, saith The LORD! THEN BELIEVE HIM! Moses and king David-built Tabernacles to honor The ROCK, The LORD of HOSTS, Who Is CHRIST THE LORD! But the present ministry did not build the church to HONOR HIM OR TO PLACE HIS NAME, nor kept a single Sabbath to Him though He Is The LORD of Sabbath, nor was built on Him, the Chief Corner Stone! Then, WOULD IT LAST FOR EVER? Now, JESUS CHRIST the LORD, Himself HAS come as THE APOSTLE, HIGH PRIEST, KING AND A MINISTER, and will be the CHIEF CORNER STONE, in HIS OWN TEMPLE!Heb 3:6, Heb. 8 We can do good works only IN HIM. Eph. 2:10. But the ministry is not in Him to do good works. Therefore, they must fall. That proves the Levitical ministry with the high priest, is now rejected as they are not in Him! If GF is a perfect high priest and an apostle, then CHRIST THE LORD did not need to come as the PERFECT AND THE TRUE HIGH PRIEST AND APOSTLE! HE ALONE CAN BRING ALL TO HIMSELF! In the TRUE TABERNACLE, it is the name of CHRIST the LORD WILL BE WRITTEN. Heb. 3:6. In His house, This TRUTH will be the FOUNDATION, that HE IS THE ONE AND ONLY GOD AND ALSO THE FATHER! TRUE Tabernacle is prophesied means the present Tabernacle is NOT TRUE and must fall! GF says he magnifies HWA and his death as written below in this new book. But in the church of JESUS CHRIST the LORD, HE ALONE SHOULD BE EXALTED AND MAGNIFIED. Therefore, what Gerald Flurry is doing and saying is that prophesied FALLING AWAY AND THE VANISHING OF THE TEMPLE! The WHOLE Levitical ministry is to fall and it needs to be changed with the law, as IT DID NOT MAKE A SINGLE HIGH PRIEST PERFECT! Heb. 7. THE GOOD NEWS IS, THE TRUE MINISTER AND THE PERFECT HIGH PRIEST OF THE TRUE TABERNACLE WILL build it ON HIMSELF, BEING THE CHIEF CORNER STONE, WHICH WILL STAND FOR EVER! His enemy, is inside the Sanctuary. Psa. 74 which says Zion is a perpetual desolation as the enemy is within the Sanctuary has come true for one last time! Gerald Flurry replaced The ROCK and His spiritual drink and has brought HWA and his rock to drink the spiritual is a PROPHESIED event as the FINAL FALLING AWAY which will bring us EVERLASTING HAPPINESS as The LORD, Himself will be our ETERNAL HIGH PRIEST, APOSTLE, THE KING, AND A TRUE MINISTER! We must sing and dance in joy for the destruction of the present Tabernacle, so we can look for JESUS CHRIST the LORD’s day as Abraham did in john 8:56, and the CITY where The MAKER is AS Heb. 11:10 says! And where The ROCK is our FATHER as king David did, Psa. 89:26, and we will have AN Everlasting FATHER for ever and COULD BE BORN TO HIM as HIS SONS and be with Him forever! So what the ministry is now doing should not surprise anyone as The LORD Has prophesied all these, unless you are Spiritually blind!

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Believe THE ROCK is your FATHER to be a SON OF GOD!

THE ROCK who is JESUS CHRIST says, He begat ISRAEL. They are His FIRST BORN. Exo 4:22-23. Deu 32: 12, 15, 18. At the same time, He said, they will not have a spot as His SONS. v 5-6. He Is The CREATOR and Adam is a son to Him. Lu 3. He gave life to all. Then should He not be the FATHER of us all? Mal. 1:6 says the Levitical ministry, who are HIS FIRST BORN, did not honor Him as A ‘FATHER’. Then would they be sons of GOD, when you reject your FATHER? He Is also the Everlasting FATHER. Isa. 9:6. And The LORD knew Israel would not be His sons, so He adopted the gentiles to be His sons. Eph. 1: 5-13 and sealed them with His SPIRIT, when they BELIEVED! Deut. 32, The LORD said, when they forsake Him, He will be found by others. V 43, and He will raise up a foolish nation. They found Him, to be THE Everlasting FATHER, even though Israel will acknowledge. Isa. 63:16-19. Israel was never called by THEIR FATHER’S NAME! So the FATHER came as a man, THE Son of GOD and they still rejected Him and failed to be sons of GOD. John 1: 11-12. When you receive Him and be sons of GOD, then it is HE WHO IS THEIR FATHER! And it was so as The ROCK begat them! This, they failed to understand. So they killed their own FATHER and GOD! They did not believe Him to live! This is why the Scripture say to believe in The SON, to have life. One must believe HE IS THE FATHER and REPENT for not believing the FATHER. The sin is the unbelief. John 16:9. For UNBELIEF, Israel is cut off. Rom. 11:20. And for UNBELIEF, they departed from Him and failed to be in HIS HOUSE. Heb. 3:6, 12! What The ROCK, the Everlasting FATHER prophesied about Israel, has now come true. This is why, coming in to the world, HE PREACHED the gospel to Israel saying ‘REPENT AND BELIEVE”. To be a son of GOD, you must SURELY KNOW YOUR FATHER. To receive the everlasting life, you must know the Everlasting FATHER! Because you did not believe now, REPENT FOR NOT BELIEVING that it is the same GOD The ROCK who is your FATHER who entered in to the Marriage Covenant as The Husband, to return to Him. Jer. 3:19-20, you will call ‘The Husband’, my ‘FATHER’!

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